More Than 100 Aircraft Types to Choose From

WWW.PRIVATE-AVIATION.COM has a worldwide system, allowing you to access accredited aircraft operators all across the globe. This global network means you'll be able to choose from more than 100 aircraft types and more than 7000 aircraft's worldwide. Whether you're attending a conference in San Francisco, meeting with clients in London or holidays in Greece you can quickly coordinate the right type of aircraft in the location of your choosing. Mostly, your choice of jet can fly from a general aviation terminal. That means fewer crowds, less hassle with security checks and a smoother departure or arrival for everyone involved.


Blending the lower operational expenses of a turbo prop, while sharing some of the performance, cabin space and comfort of a light jet. Popular for short and mid-range flights, capable of landing on shorter runways.

Light Jet

Ideal for short and mid-range flights, the light jet is one of the most charted jets. Offering exceptional cruising speeds averaging over 400 mph and flying range of over 1,000 miles. This class of jet covers most domestic travel. these jets offer seating for groups size 4-6 passengers.

Midsize Jet

Midsize jets offer a comfortable choice for short to mid-range missions with a marked increase in passenger capacity and baggage space. With coast-tocoast travel in mind, go further, farther and faster in more comfort. these jets offer seating for groups size 7-8 passengers.

Super Midsize Jet

Super Mid Size jets combine wide-body luxury with transatlantic range. Designed to meet the specific spacial needs of the most discerning customers without compromising comfort, performance and range. These jets offer seating for groups size 10-12 passengers.

Heavy Jet

Heavy Jets, long-range and ultra-long-range aircraft are the epitome of luxury private jet travel. Offering intercontinental capabilities and extraordinary passenger amenities, these aircraft are the optimal choice for business and personal travelers. these jets offer seating for groups size 14-16 passengers

Ultra-Long Range / Jumbo Jet

Ultra-long Range, Jumbo Jets or BBJs, are the ultimate in business travel. Corporate leaders and Heads or State now have a long range aircraft to support and cater to any assignment. Every BBJ is a completely custom designed aircraft, offering an array of interiors. From conference rooms to VIP bedrooms, these aircraft are configured to please the most discriminating client. Please feel free to let us know if you have any specific needs or requirements. These Jets offer seating for groups of 19+

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